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How to Make Money from Expired Domains

When most people launch a web page, they purchase a domain name, which is the name of the website that also serves as the URL, or web address, that users are directed to find it. Examples of domain names are “” or “”.

These domains aren’t purchased indefinitely. Instead, they are purchased only for a year or two at a time. The original owners of these domain names typically will be given the first opportunity to renew them after the contracted time has expired. If they don’t and nobody else buys them, then these domains are considered to be “expired”.

The Value of Expired Domains
Even after a domain has expired, it will still get some visitors. When they land on that page, they usually are directed to an error page.

Expired domains are one of the most lucrative investments on the Internet because many expired domains already have lots of back links already pointing to them. So in many cases, there is already a consistent flow of traffic to these domains.…

Essential Classified Website Strategies

Two of the largest online classified advertising sites are Craiglist and Gumtree. With more than 20 billion page views per month, Craigslist is the 37th largest website on the Internet and the 10th largest in the US.

Gumtree is sort of like the Craigslist of the UK and Europe, covering more than 60 cities in six countries. Given that kind of volume, Craigslist and Gumtree are two of the best places to make money online without having your own website.
First Steps for Making Money with Classified Sites One of the best ways to make money with classified sites is simply to promote products on the site. Craigslist posts 80 million new classified advertisements per month and only 2 million of these are new job listings. It has individual pages for 23 major US cities as well as 40 other countries around the world.

But, there are a lot of rules and regulations governing the type of postings and content you can place on classified sites. For example, usually you can’t post a classified ad…

How to use skype as a marketing tool

Most people don’t consider Skype – the real-time video conferencing app – as a social media tool, but it actually is. In fact, Skye actually has thousands of groups that are formed around a particular topic of interest to the people in that group.

For example, if you are working in the weight loss niche, there is actually dozens of Skype group where internet marketers who work with weight loss products can get together to have online interactions regarding their businesses and strategies.

These Skype groups are an excellent way to find out what people in your niche are talking about, discover hot trends, and explore what the future may hold for your niche.

Benefits of Skype Conferencing
Use Skype conferencing to keep your ears and eyes open for the best products and the most successful product creators. You also can use it to find decent products that for whatever reason are not selling well, products that have been on the market for so long that their popularity is waning, or really…

How to Drive Traffic from Other Blogs to Yours

Don’t be intimidated by larger, more established blogs in your niche! This video will show you how to partner with them to drive some of their traffic to you through guest posts and proper linking.

How Exactly Does SEO Work?

How to Choose a Solo Ad  Provider

The Top 10-Step Structure for Sales Pages That Sell

Sales pages take many different forms, but share the same basic structure:

1. Headline
2. Sub Headline
3. Presentation of the problem
4. Introduction of your product as the solution
5. Social Proof
6. Bonuses
7. Offer
8. Guarantee
9. Call to Action
10. P.S.

Creating Killer Headlines

Your headline is the first opportunity grow your customer’s interest by making an emotional appeal to whatever problem they are trying to solve.
Headlines should be clear and easy to understand, should include your keywords, and need to invite the reader to keep reading further.

Presentation of the Problem
Right after the headline and sub headline, you want to present the problem that the customer is having, focusing especially on the customer’s pain.
For example, if your niche is dating and relationships, you could present the problem like this:
“Are you tired of striking out when it comes to the opposite sex? Do you get a tight feeling in your stomach whenever you see a happy couple because it makes you wond…