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Introduction to Network Marketing for Online Marketers

A whole lot of folks have radical views one way or the other about Network marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). For some, it's one of the better opportunities for entry level entrepreneurs to own their own business with very little investment. Individuals, it can some sort of questionable or sinister endeavor which should be avoided at all costs.

The truth is that MLM is a reliable business structure that has recently been used successfully by some of the biggest and most successful companies in the US, including Amway, PrePaid Legal, Exel, Meleleuca and USANA.

Who Is usually Involved with Network Marketing?

Most of the people in the network marketing industry are honest, diligent those who are simply looking to earn a living to provide a high quality lifestyle for themselves and their families. 

Sadly, like any industry, multi level marketing also includes a tiny number of unethical people who poison the well for every person different so that the complete idea of MLM is seen in a dim light by people ignorant of the facts.

On this page, we are going to look at the advantages multilevel marketing offers to both experienced internet marketers also to those only starting out. 

We also will look at the opportunities it presents for genuine people who are prepared to work harder running their own business. 

Don't be anxious, we're never going to try to sell you any cleaning products or timeshares!

Meaning of Network Marketing

Network marketing is a marketing strategy in which the people are paid not just for sales they generate themselves, but also for the sales of other salesmen they recruit. 

This business model is known as a "downline model" because it has distributors and a hierarchy which involves multiple levels of compensation.

It's different than single-level marketing., which is when salesmen are compensated for products that they sell directly consumers.

Network Marketing Structure

In network marketing business, the sales force pays a portion with their income to the person who recruited them. That person then pays a part of all with their revenues to the person telling the truth above them, and so on. This is just what is known as an "upline earnings structure".

The first multi level marketing platforms were launched in the 50s and involved nutritional supplements, household products, and makeup products. 

By the 1980s, MULTILEVEL MARKETING businesses had grown to feature companies specializing in insurance and long-distance telephone services.

By 21st Century, scientific advances enabled network marketing to expand into credit cards, travel, pre-paid legal services and other successful areas.

There are all types of multi level marketing programs. And in many situations people can get into the market for little or no upfront investment while still enjoying the benefits associated with getting their own business. 

NETWORK MARKETING opportunities usually are considerably less costly than buying a business franchise.

In many network marketing platforms, sales agents sell products directly to consumers by way of relationship testimonials and referral marketing.

Basic Network Marketing Beliefs

A few address some of the most frequent misconceptions about network marketing. A whole lot of folks have a bad view of network marketing because occasionally it attracts people trying to exploit its structure to reap financial prize with very little work. In other words, people who simply want to "get rich quick".

Networking marketing is also belittled because the upline earnings stream is structured like a pyramid. 

This creates confusion among people who think all network marketing must certainly be a "pyramid scheme" or a "Ponzi scheme".

These toxic conditions pertain to illegitimate business models in which people at the bottom of the pyramid purchase business opportunities but get little if any come back on their investment.

The folks at the top of the pyramid keep most or all the cash and don't deliver the goods or services they assured.

The reality is that multi level marketing is simply a non-traditional business model. It's more like "micro-franchising" than everything else. MLM can be a wise decision for folks because it has an extremely low cost of entry and the potential to earn big money.

Is definitely Network Marketing a Dangerous Business?

Some people generate profits in network marketing businesses and a lot of people lose money. But the same can be said for traditional business models such as franchising. 

The success or failure of the specific under either scenario has less to do with the structure of the business model itself than it does with the person's knowledge of their market, the effort they made to create opportunities on their own, and even just plain luck.

The majority of network marketing businesses give attention to creating opportunities for folks who might otherwise not have them, including people who:

Lack experience running their own business
Have little previous sales experience
Happen to be unhappy with their current income level
Have recently been unsuccessful running previous businesses
Network marketing businesses offer these people the possibility to be achieve high levels of success. 

But, if it's not your glass of tea, there are other ways to earn a living online, such as promoting affiliate offers (like ours).

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