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Instagram is killing people

Instagram is killing people.

Now, it isn’t Instagram’s fault—and it isn’t inherently evil—but the fact stands. Almost all of us have some degree of insecurity, and many of us turn to social media either to prop ourselves up or feel bad that our lives aren’t as great as the people we follow. It isn’t even the fault of the people who post pictures about how great their lives are—some of their lives are genuinely great. Social media and the Internet, in general, are swimming with little images of ‘the good life’ and people sharing that ‘Yes, in fact, my life is good.’ But there’s something missing. The goal of this letter is not just to show you a picture of a good life, but to invite you into one. Some people you follow will only offer you images of their achievements in their work, romance, and recreational lives. There is a life freer of financial stress, overbearing bosses, and b**chy coworkers—if you’ll pardon the French. Getting a better job helps. Especially one with:
– Otherworld…

How do I get people who click on my opt-in page link to opt-in?"

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The Top 4 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Google Rankings

To keep your site’s rank at the top of the Google search engine result pages for your keywords, you need do four things: Facilitate social signaling through creative content creationOptimize your web designProvide easy access to social voting buttonsAnd acknowledge the growing importance of Google Plus While creating backlinks may have improved your Google page rankings in the past, you are now better served to make your pages more popular on social media. Importance of Authorship Markup Prior to its latest updates, Google got fooled by unethical webmasters who figured out how to exploit its search engine’s emphasis on backlinks. The post-Penguin search engine has numerous built-in defenses to thwart marketers seeking to create fake social signal structures such as bot-produced Facebook “Likes “and “+1s” and commercially purchased social media links. Among these is authorship markup. Google’s search engine gives more weight to web pages when it can verify they were written by the origi…

Manifesting New Abundance Part 2 of 2

Starting way to create EXACTLY what you want
If I can be sure of anything?
It’s that there is ONE way to use every ounce of energy you ALREADY HAVE…
….to create what you TRULY want with startling accuracy… Sound too good to be true?
Maybe - if you’re not doing it right :-)
But if you are using the 4 part process revealed in today’s video…
Your results will appear faster than ANYTHING you’ve ever tried before. This inspires me more than anything else.
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Ever feel you’re not “creative” enough..

Whenever you’re in a creative funk or have a mental block…
… 99% of the time there’s something ELSE going on rather than a “lack” of ideas.
In fact, if you learn how to create SPACE for creativity, you’re more likely never to feel blocks (like.. ever).
But most people try and FORCE creativity.
When in fact, it’s the complete opposite which allows creation to flow.
Want to know how to open the channels for your ultimate creativity?
THIS is how

[new video] - “Smell-evision” not required

As we were shooting today’s video things got a bit “stinky”...
We did a little house cleaning and found something that over 60% of American’s have in their backyards.
… and a fair share has this stinky stuff crawling around in their minds.
And there’s a quick way to see if you have it -- and how to clean it out.
Trust me… if you’ve got this in your mind (and many of you do) -- you WANT to scoop it out FAST.
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drowning out any hope of finding their way home

They almost got eaten by wolves...
Will’s family was out for a brisk walk on a vast mountain range…

As the sun dropped under the horizon, any hope of finding their way home went down with it.

They could hear the coyotes starting to howl in their minds

… drowning out any hope of finding their way home.

==>Until they saw THIS

They noticed something right in front of them.

And slowly they inched forward.

You’ll want to see this because if you listen closely to this video, you’ll see that what they found is EXACTLY what you likely need to find YOUR way in your business.
Watch and see.

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The Science of Getting Rich / Gratitude

In the book we discuss in today’s video there is ONE QUOTE which takes everything you know about creating results and puts it on STEROIDS!
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This video reveals one snippet we’ve used over and over again to make radical shifts in our lives and results.

There are many ways you can apply this to your life and even your business.
Watch and see.


Your lack of motivation is concerning..

Your lack of motivation is concerning... You’re ab out to “break through” in your business. You can feel it. Everyday you get closer and closer and closer to “making it”. And then something happens. You see a post about a funny cat, or an “epic FAIL compilation” and 3 hours go by and you’re no closer to your goals than you were before you woke up. Why? What happened? ==> It’s simple -- THIS happened
It’s all about MOTIVATION. And to be honest, you’re lack of motivation is concerning. I get it… some days, finding motivation is like playing Where’s Waldo with your life. But just like a Where’s Waldo book -- once you find the hidden figures, you KNOW where they are every time you re-open the book.
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Fast and Easy Ways to Build Your Social Media Influence

Google’s updated search engine algorithm assigns more value to websites that receive a lot of social approval signals. These are indications that social media users find these pages useful or helpful and include such things as Facebook “Likes”, how many times a link to the page has been posted on Twitter, and the number of “+1’s” a site has on Google+. To increase these social approval signals on your web pages, you need to be active on social media. The bigger the number of your social media contacts, the more opportunities you have to get social approval signals for your web pages to improve their Google rankings. Increasing Your Social Approval Signals Once you have a lot of social media contacts, you need to post frequently on social media. Don’t always blast your social network with commercial offerings or they will ignore your future postings or ban you altogether. Instead, alternate your commercial postings with a wealth of free high-quality content. Forward links and postings …

3 Ways to Build Trust with Your Page Visitors

The fastest and most effective way to engage your readers with your content is to draw them into a story. People are naturally pre-disposed to want and enjoy stories. If you can wrap your web page content in an engaging story that connects emotionally with your reader, you have a better chance of getting them to follow your call to action. The Power of Your Personality The story you create can be either your own first person account of something that changed your life, or it can be the story of somebody else, such as a character you create. In either case, the purpose of the story is to get the reader to connect with the subject of the story. The problems or challenges you or your character experience should be the same problems your readers are having. The story you create naturally needs to have a happy ending. In the case of sales copy, for example, it will always be the way the product solved the problem and improved the subject’s life forever. When your prospective customer relat…

How to Be a Successful Guest Blogger on Your Favorite Blog

In this video, the viewer will learn that it is really possible to enter and publish a guest post on popular blogs. Specific steps are necessary to make sure you will get the blog owner's nod to let you write that content and create a win/win situation for both parties involved.

Free Preview - How To Grow Your Followers On Instagram - The Beginner's Guide To Instagram

Make Money with CPA Networks

Click-Per-Action (CPA) networks provide some of the fastest and easiest ways for affiliate marketers to make big money online. Advertisers such as Netflix, eHarmony, Liberty Mutual Insurance or any other company are looking for new leads and are willing to pay for them. How much depends on the company and the offer, but generally about $10 to $20 per lead. CPA Networks provide as the middleman between promoters and online marketers who provide these leads and customers.
The Breakdown CPA Networks tell the advertisers that their members can provide a certain number of new leads or new customers. In exchange, the advertisers tell the CPA Networks that they will give them a certain percentage of the commission – anywhere from 1% to 5% usually — on that lead if they can deliver what they promise. For example, if Netflix is paying $20 for new leads who sign up for their service, the CPA network representing Netflix to their affiliates make $1 and the affiliates make $19. To earn that commis…

How to Make Your Products Irresistible to Customers

Once possible customers land on your website, the chances are they have never observed of whatever you are promoting. But by the time they finish reading your web copy, you want them to be wondering how they ever before lived without it.

Creating desire for your product can be accomplished in a number of ways. The most common are to show that your product is the permanent solution to an aggravating problem that your customer is having.

For example, if you original info system is a music series on techniques to stop smoking, you want to frame your sales page so that your product is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to completely stop smoking.

The Pre-Sold Customer
There's a magic formula that car salesman knows that they don't often share with lay people: People don't walk into a car showroom because they don't want to buy a car. In almost every case, they may be there because they already have made the decision to buy a car and possess the money or credit to …