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All-inclusive Guide to Branded Video

we outlined the growth of branded video as it accounts for over a third of brands’ digital video budgets, and projected to increase 10% in 2016.

And it’s easy to see why, as advertisers use branded video to create emotional connections with consumers through sight, sound, and motion. 

However, this strategy poses tough challenges for advertisers. While the obstacles range from cost to scale, it’s clear that connecting emotion and technology is key to overcoming each. 

To make the most of branded video’s potential, brands must tell their stories as part of an engagement continuum – an immersive content cycle built on meaningful insights and powered by leading ad technology. 

In our mini eBook, A Comprehensive Guide to Branded Video, you’ll learn how to solve these challenges with the key solutions every advertiser needs to know. 

Download today and learn how to take full advantage of branded video as part of your advertising strategy. -

How to Make Your Content Easily Noticeable On The Web

The digital world is pretty saturated with content. Digital marketing is the way of the future and every single business, whether they are direct competitors or not compete with each other for digital space.
People have online content flung at them everywhere. 

From their email inboxes and social media feeds to display ads on their favorite websites, ads and content are everywhere. It’s really easy for your content to get lost in the shuffle.

When you create content, you want people to see it. You have invested a lot of time and money into creating ads, articles, videos and more. The last thing you want is for it to get ignored. 

Here are four tactics that can help your content stand out and get the attention it deserves.

Establish a solid angle
When you create digital content, you are telling a story with it. Your story needs to be relatable and has a solid angle that can be identified right off the bat.

The angle you choose can mean the difference between content that resonates and content…

How to Use “Spammy” Website Tricks well organized

Let’s start right off the bat and make it very clear that we are not encouraging you to spam your customers or trap people with clickbait. 

Those tactics don’t work out well for anyone.
That being said, there are a few “spammy” website tricks that can help boost conversions. With some subtle but effective methods traditional employed by spam sites, you can actually help boost your website traffic, leads, and sales without annoying your customers.

Here’s how to make three traditional spammy tactics work for you and your customers.

Countdown timers
Countdown timers are a great way to push a sense of urgency. If you are running a big sale or have a special offer and put a countdown timer on it, people feel like they have to act or risk losing out. No one wants to lose out.

When a person goes to your website and sees that little timer ticking down, their primitive brain goes into panic mode. Seeing time tick away makes them worry that they are going to lose out on something or that they are goi…

Don’t Overspend on Your Online Business Software

Most software you will find that can help your online marketing business requires the purchase of software and/or licensing fees.

Others are – such as pre-created email lists or sales leads – may be based on pay-per-use, but in general most charge a set-up and a monthly.

At first, this may seem excessive because you have the pay the set-up fee as well as being charged every month to use the service. But actually, this kind of arrangement is to your advantage.

That’s because of technology changes very rapidly and, as a result, there are usually many different versions and upgrades of the same software available.

Paying Unnecessary Fees
If you were to pay just a one-time fee to purchase a piece of software, it could be obsolete in a year or even sooner because Google’s Internet search engine algorithms have changed or some other technological upgrade. That would mean having to buy the software all over again.

But when you pay the start-up fee and a monthly subscription, you usually get any up…

Consequences of Facebook’s Big Data Harvesting

When somebody who used Facebook hears that the social media site is gathering data on them, the first thing they think about is what they have personally posted on their feed. 

The typical person can’t comprehend that Facebook is tracking much more than their updates.

Does this mean the typical person is ignorant of how data is collected? In a certain sense, yes.

But even when this ignorance is not present, most people will generally think first about what they have posted and shared on Facebook and not necessarily about what their computer, laptop or mobile devices was also doing in the background when they opened their Facebook.

Why not? Because their reference point is their personal experience on Facebook.

Facebook and Big Data
In reality, Facebook is data harvesting a pantheon of information beyond their updates and likes. According to an article published November 16, 2011, in USA Today, Facebook is constantly collecting data on both users and non-users of the sit, tracking them acros…

Optimizing Your Email List Building

Email today has become the equivalent of snail mail 10 years ago. You probably receive one or two things you actually use each day – mostly bills – and the rest goes right in the trash.

Still, until email disappears completely or takes on another form – which it ultimately will – you need to include email marketing as part of your overall marketing campaign.

Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of automated email sites that you can use. Some are free, others low-cost and still others are more expensive. But like anything else, you usually get what you pay for.

Beware of ‘Free’ List Building Software
There are a number of “free” list building programs that you can use. For most of them, in order to fully utilize their services you sooner or later will have to pay something.

Basically, the way they work is that you pay a fee and you “rent” a list of email addresses for a specified period of time. 

You can send out emails to these addresses and try to market your products. But this is a p…

5 Software Solutions for the Online Marketer

Blogging software can be used to optimize blog content so that it can be found by the most potential customers.

Blogging is one of the fastest-growing ways to market products and services online today. 

It is easy to create fresh blog content and get it in front of highly-targeted prospects by using the free tools offered by Blogger, WordPress and other free blogging platforms.

Blogging software includes programs that will actually create content for your blog and then measure its performance in the blogosphere.

Rapid advances in digital storage technology have driven down the price of smartphones, portable electronic tablets such as the iPad, high-powered laptops, eReaders and other devices.

As a result, blogging is seeing a huge boost in popularity, making it one of the most popular marketing platforms for many businesses today.

Blogging software also can make it easy to integrate your blogs with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites. 

It usually does this by tra…

Most Top 3 Effective Free Marketing Strategies

Promoting your website or online business doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, most online marketing experts agree that the best approach to attracting the highest amount of traffic is a combination of both paid and free marketing techniques.
Here are three of the most effective free marketing strategies for driving new customers to your web pages.

Guest Blogging
One of the best free marketing options is to find blogs related to your niche and then contact the authors. Ask if they will allow you to write a guest blog. 

Because most bloggers eventually run out of ideas, in many cases they will agree.

When you provide an informative, well-written blog about your niche topic, you can build your reputation as an expert in your field
and also include a link so that you can drive traffic to your website.

Build relationships with other bloggers by frequently leaving positive, supportive comments about their blog postings.

Even though there are millions of bloggers, the blogging commun…

What to Expect When Applying to CPA Networks

To weed out newbies and scammers, nearly all legitimate CPA network has an application process. 

All CPA network online application forms are pretty much the same because they all are using the same criteria in order to determine if applicants should be allowed to join or not.

What You Will NeedHere’s the primary information they will ask you for:

Personal Information – This includes your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and so on.
Tax ID Number – If you are incorporated as a business, you will be given a Tax ID Number. If you are an individual, your Social Security number is, in effect, your Tax ID number. If you aren’t a US citizen and don’t have an SS#, you can just fill in zeroes and when you call them to explain that you are doing business from a country outside the US. This won’t disqualify you: CPA networks always have tons of non-US affiliates. The procedure will then depend on the network.
Website – If you have a website that you are going to use to promote the …

The Future of Google Search Engine Rankings

Because everyone is now plugged into the Internet, the way people communicate with each other is faster than ever.
Texting is immediate. 

Using a social signal to indicate preference is quicker than word of mouth. This type of instant approval has had a profound impact on online marketing. 

It has killed backlink marketing and put email marketing on life support.
Today’s Internet users – especially younger users – process the shorter burst of information more quickly and tend to have much shorter attention spans. 

As technology improves and speeds get even faster, this trend will only continue in the future.

Backlink Overkill
While backlinks are still helpful in building your sites rankings – especially when they come from authoritative or expert sites – they are aren’t nearly as important as they once were. 

A decade ago, the number of backlinks a site had was the primary measure of its relevance to Google search engines.

But unethical web users effectively ruined this for everybody by creati…

Episode 492: “What are the most important characteristics that an entrepreneur needs to have to be successful?”

Creating a Highly Effective Call to Action

Effective sales copy on a website shouldn’t suggest that the reader take some specific action, but demand the customer take a specific action immediately. This is known as the call to action (CTA) and it is the most important part of any type of sales copy. Everything preceding the CTA should be pushing the customer into taking the definitive action you want them to take: Namely, to purchase your product, subscribe to your service, click on a link, etc. Rule 1: The CTA must be very clear and very direct. There can be no ambiguity as to how you want your prospective customers to act. It is a critical point in the flow of your sales letter. If there is anything confusing or not crystal clear in your CTA, you risk losing your customer forever. Don’t Ask, Tell In your CTA, you don’t want to ask your customers to buy your product. You want to demand that they buy your product by presenting it as the only possible solution to whatever product they are experiencing. What comes before in your…

Land Your Web Page in the Three Top Spots in Google Results

Getting ranked on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) is a zero sum game. If you can capture one of three top spots, or at least Page 1, your website is practically guaranteed to get a lot of visitors. If you are on any other page, most potential customers will never find you. Effects of Google’s Algorithm Updates Just when most webmasters got search engine optimization (SEO) figured out, Google changed the way it ranked pages.  In August 2011, it launched its Panda search engine algorithm update. The biggest difference was that Google starting putting much less emphasis on backlinks and gave more weight to social approval signals.  This shift continued when the Penguin update was rolled out in April 2012. Google’s search engine algorithm originally was designed before the explosion in popularity of social media. In these seemingly pre-historic days – which actually were less than a decade ago – web users had few opportunities to respond immediately to the content they were r…