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How to Raise Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has become increasingly more challenging over the last few years. 

With people signing up for multiple email accounts, Gmail changing where your text messages go, and more people deleting your email than opening them, running a successful email marketing campaign takes a lot of work.

There are a few ways that you can take your email marketing to another level. This may help you send better email messages to the right people at the right time. 

Once you strategize and streamline your e-mail marketing, you will see a measured improvement in how your email marketing performs.

Here are a few ways that you can make your e-mail marketing this year.

Send emails only to the people who would like them

 A lot of the reason that your email marketing may be looking like it is failing is because you are probably sending your e-mail to the people who don't want them. 

Individuals who get your e-mails, but don't want them usually end up deleting them without opening them or marking them as spam. These are not people you want on your mailing lists.

Whenever you continue to send emails to people who don't want them, your domain reputation is damaged. This may leave you scrambling to clean up your domain reputation for months.

Avoid this by scrubbing your mailing lists monthly. Take out every one of the people who haven't opened an email from you or hasn't engaged with one of your emails and send them one reactivation advertising campaign. 

Getting them from the standard email list helps keep your domain reputation healthy and your email marketing profitable.

If the customers still don't open up or engage with your emails following the reactivation campaign, take them off the list. This leaves a lot less clutter so that you can clean up later.

Give each email a goal

 If you are not sending each and every email with a goal, stop sending them. You 'must' have a clear goal laid out for each and every email before you send them. 

You intend to cue your email recipients with the action they should take with each email.

#Done For You Emails

Make sure that there are multiple ways for your email recipients to achieve the goal of your email. Add control keys with links, photos, video recording, and good subject matter lines. 

You want the point of the e-mail to be clear right when they open the email.

Sending a contact merely to send a contact isn't going to help you or your customer. It wastes everyone's time and makes your visitors less inclined to engage when you really want them to. 

Give each email a goal and you won't have this problem.

Individualize the emails

 Email personalization does work. When you stick with the fundamentals like the subscriber's name or company, they will engage with the e-mail.

Email personalization is not at all hard now with email marketing platforms. Above all, do not send a "dear customer" or "dear client" email. It will not get read and you will have wasted your time.

Test sending your emails on different days

 There is a ton of data out there that says that emailing your email on Tuesdays or Thursdays are the best days. While that might have been true at one point, it isn't the case nowadays.

In order to send emails that folks will build relationships, you have to test sending your messages at different times. Find out what works for you as well as your company. 

What matters isn't when the most people are sending emails; what counts is when many people are interested in your email messages.

Test sending at different times and at different times. This will help you develop the most ideal plan and get the email engagement rates up.

If you wish to learn more about how to send e-mail effectively, consider my 
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