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Your Time Is important ! 6 Ways to Spend Less of It on Social Media

Your Time Is important ! 6 Ways to Spend Less of It on Social Media
Using social media is a chore! Let’s face it. What business owner wants to spend hours in front of a pc screen replying to tweets and Facebook posts? You’d rather be spending that time working on your next product, right? Well, that may be the case, but the fact of the matter is that social media is just as important and requires just as much notice,. Everyone knows how special social is–personal branding, global reach, instant customer engagement, high return for low investment and all the rest of it. We’ve heard these terms thrown around for years now, and they’re true. Social is fantastic. So why are socountless small businesses still not on the social bandwagon?Read More
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Few Steps to Attaining Your Greatest Desire

Few Steps to Attaining Your Greatest Desire
Some people like to use “vision boards” to help themestablish what they want. They’ll find pictures of the things they want, assemble them onto a board, and stare at them every day. They might have pictures of cars, mansions, holidays, expensive clothes, fine dining and anything else they want to have. There’s nothing wrong with wanting something you don’t have, but staring at a picture won’t cause it to magically manifest itself.READ MORE

8 Steps to a Successful Sales master plan

8 Steps to a Successful Sales master plan If you can’t sell, you can’t succeed. It’s that simple. I remember those days, many years ago, when sales staff from the Kirby vacuum company would knock on the door in the early evening. They would spend hours explaining all the dust-sucking greatness that was the Kirby vacuum cleaner, desperately trying to convince my overwhelmed mother to buy their ‘must-have’ product. I remember asking her, “Are these guys … staying for dinner?”They really did take that long. But here’s the thing. Despite their time consuming, space-invading ways, I was always intrigued and impressed by their ruthlessness. The only thing that mattered to them was ‘the sell’. They were relentless. And that “relentlessness” is a quality you’ll need to fine-tune in order to become a sales success.Read More

Slack for Marketing

Slack enables your ideas all the way to market by keeping everyone on the same page in real time. Slack is a communication super tool allowing your team to send notifications, get approvals, and sign off on the biggest marketing campaigns. From collaboration to integration, Slack has the capabilities your team needs to prepare the best marketing campaigns yet.

Slack helps you to stay organized with rooms for purposes designated by your team and inviting members on a need-to-know basis so that people don’t get notifications that waste their time. It serves as a central command post for all resources your team needs. App integrations to gain valuable insights from customer feedback as well as monitor how your campaigns are performing.

Centralized Communication
Slack provides real-time coordination amongst teammates, even in remote locations, allowing flexibility and availability in your workday. Define deliverables and discuss what you’ll need in a centralized location. 

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